Welcome to Dash, where the magic of world building meets the power of simplicity. It's Unreal Engine re-imagined, making 3D world creation easier than ever.

Introducing Dash, your Copilot for World Building in Unreal Engine 5

Simple, Fast & Straightforward

Dash takes every step of the 3D creative process and makes it either a prompt or drag and drop away. You can for example write "create a terrain", followed by a drag and drop of a material, then a scatter of some plants simply by drag and dropping them on your newly created terrain.

Dash realistic ground in Unreal Engine 5

Unbound Creativity

POLYGONFLOW has built novel systems that make every action you do seem like magic. Detailing your scenes doesn't have to involve lots of panels and cluttered systems, and Dash gives you exactly that.

Dash physics showcase in Unreal Engine 5

Unmatched Simplicity

Whether it's the scatter system, material settings, decal placement and anything else, Dash gives you full control of every step. Creating art that you can take pride in, without being bogged down by bloat, is why POLYGONFLOW built Dash.

Dash Full Workflow

Plans that fit your scale

Dash is a growing software with the sole mission of removing all workflow bottlenecks in your Unreal Engine pipeline. Give the trial a shot, and support the team if you enjoy it!


Your Copilot for World Building in Unreal Engine 5

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