Countdown - an animated short set in space. It's only a small fraction of a big story.

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Deep space. An interstellar spaceship crashes. A crew of a small drop-ship have managed to miraculously survive in this disaster. Their ship is damaged and they have to land on an unexplored planet nearby. They steer the ship into an atmosphere without suspecting that a layer of impenetrable thunderclouds enveloping the planet hides something that will be even worse than their worst assumptions - an ocean of acid!


A marine becomes an unwitting casualty of a political conspiracy when the ship on which he is serving - the flagship of the space force - "Meridian - passing through the space portal, does not go where it planned. Finding himself the only survivor of a crash on an unexplored planet covered with an ocean of acid, he is forced to fight for survival in this distant, uninhabitable and hostile place, where he soon makes discoveries that turn his previous ideas about the structure of the world and human society. Now he must not only survive, but also find a way to return to civilization in order to thwart the terrible plans of the "conspirators".

Thrilling 3D Sci-Fi Short film: "Countdown" - by Andrew Klimov

Created by -- Andrew Klimov

Written by -- Dmitriy Mosolkin, Andrew Klimov
Original score by -- Alexander Billione
Vehicle models -- Vitaliy Vostokov
Character Models -- Nicolay Scala, Peter Chegodaev
Various 3d models -- Smirnov Artyom

Compositing Breakdown

"Countdown" Compositing Breakdown